logo ministere EDDEThe company French Riviera Yacht & Crew is listed on the French National registry of seafarers’ private recruitment and placement agencies in accordance with article L. 5546-1-1 of the Transport Code which takes into account regulation A1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006

FR.Y&C is an international crew placement agency based in south of France, registered under the French laws, which works with international crews members on motor yachts, sailor yachts and personal staffs in luxury villas.

FR.Y&C’s team has many years of involvement in the yachting industry, with strong experience working on yachts as crew members and in crew recruitment as crew agents. This experience confers our team a very good knowledge on the requisites related to the tasks to be performed on a vessel, the qualities and ethic the various crew members should have, and the different situations a crew may face.

FR.Y&C exactly knows which challenges can be met on board!

FR.Y&C’s team is supported by an experienced legal advisor who can assist with the legal tax and administration aspects.


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